Colorful & Spiritual Guatemalan Wedding Inspiration

March 9, 2018

*Originally published on Ruffled Blog


Full of explosive celebration and predominantly  featuring women-of-color-owned businesses, this Guatemalan-American wedding is a celebration of Mayan heritage with innovative, modern decor elements. Our purpose in designing this shoot was to celebrate Latin-American heritage in the midst of a largely whitewashed wedding industry. 10 of the 16 vendors featured were women-of-color-owned businesses, and all of the vendors were women-owned businesses. By combining an intimate, spiritual ceremony with a bold and lively reception, we hope that Latin-American clients will feel celebrated and inspired.


The wedding day begins with a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony  alongside the Columbia River in Oregon. The couple exchanges gifts and burns a smudge stick within a sacred circle. The ceremonial practices signify earth, wind, and fire. Flowers are dropped overhead the couple as they begin their life together.


The wedding reception is an explosion of color and texture! The selfie station includes a  DIY PVC pipe and pom-pom photo booth with custom-made props. The scene is bursting with beautiful details from the  intricately detailed wedding cake to the gorgeously styled lounge area, reception table, and bar. The homemade chuchitos, arroz con leche, and conchas made the scene complete - and delicious! Featuring a custom cocktail, and “worry doll” wedding favors, the entire scene is culturally relevant and carefully curated.