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New York Times  | It's a Boom Year for Weddings

“The reaction this year has been, ‘We’ve waited so long, we want to go big,’” Ms. Broughal said. “People who booked us in 2019 are moving to 2023 if they have to, because they want to keep their initial 200-plus guest count.”

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BRIDES |  Love Is Love: 30 LGBTQ+ Wedding Vendors on Pride, Progress, and Plans

"'I felt the sharp disconnect between the status quo that tolerates discrimination and arc of history that is bending toward justice. I knew that I had to break out of that sphere and remake my work around equity, inclusion, and vibrant diversity,' shares Broughal...."

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BRIDES  |  Gender-Inclusive Wedding Roles and Titles to Use While Planning

"'Bride-centric, binary language in the wedding industry is both outdated and unconnected to the vibrant history of queer love across generations,'" explains Broughal. "'Queer love stories have always existed, and our language in the wedding industry is just now catching up to that reality'..."

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"Justine Broughal, the founder and lead event planner of Together Events, says there’s still a very strong heteronormative presence in the wedding industry today, and even vendors who don’t blatantly discriminate can take a less than ideal approach to inclusive matrimony."

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