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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

At a time when stay at home orders, social distancing measures and travel restrictions have seemingly put the world on pause, many of you may be finding yourselves stuck at home with a bit more time on your hands than usual. But just because this pandemic has shaken up many of our daily routines, it doesn’t have to do the same for your wedding planning. Maybe you were recently engaged and in the early stages of planning or perhaps you had to postpone your original celebration. Maybe you even got engaged during quarantine! No matter what your circumstances may be, you and your partner can still make the most of your time at home by catching up (or getting ahead) on your wedding planning to-do list - all while doing your part to flatten the curve.

G E T I N S P I R E D.

One of the easiest things to do from the comfort of your own home is spend time on the internet and social media (don’t act like you aren’t doing it anyway!). Use this time to get inspired and focus on the design and aesthetics of your celebration – look into the mood, colors and themes that peak your interest. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to start with industry experts like planners, designers and florists posting amazing photos of past weddings, inspirational images and tips to their social media channels and websites. Start having the discussion with your partner about what you like and don’t like and really try to narrow down what speaks to you the most. Once you’ve decided, you can also begin (or continue) to book vendors as most are still working and taking meetings via Zoom.

(Stationary: Letters + Dust Image: Zig Metzler)

W O R K O N Y O U R G U E S T L I S T .

With all the talk of restrictions on gatherings and capacity limits, now more than ever it’s important to put some real thought into who is going to be a part of your wedding. Talk with your partner and your families about what size celebration makes sense for you and think about who you can’t imagine celebrating without. You can take this one step further and start to compile guest addresses for your save the dates and/or invitations. It’s also a good excuse to reach out to any family and friends you may not have spoken to recently! If you are further along in your planning and already have your venue and RSVPs, you can even take this time to start laying out your seating chart for the reception. (Image: Karen Obrist Photography)

R E G I S T E R.

Another great way to take advantage of your time at home is to work on your registry! Use this extra time with your partner to put your heads together and figure out what types of things you need for your home. There are plenty of online resources like where you can register for a wide selection of items from various stores. Hopefully a little online shopping will serve as a welcome distraction from everything 2020 has had to offer so far! If you are fortunate enough to already have everything you need, there are also websites like where your guests can donate to charities of your choice in lieu of gifts.

(Image: Jose Melgarejo)

C R E A T E Y O U R W E D D I N G W E B S I T E.

Your wedding website can serve as an important resource for those attending your wedding. Typical invitation information like date, time and location should be included here but you can also add other pertinent items like hotel blocks, registry information and local attractions. If you have had to postpone your celebration due to the pandemic, your wedding website can also be a helpful place to post any notices and updates of changing plans for your guests.

(Image: Judson Rappaport)

S E L E C T Y O U R W E D D I N G A T T I R E.

If you had started planning your wedding before stay at home orders, you may already have your ceremony attire picked out. But what about an outfit for the rehearsal? A second look for the reception? Something more comfortable to change into for an after party? If multiple looks aren’t your thing, use this time to select accessories like shoes and jewelry to compliment your outfit. Items like these are readily available to order online and easy to try on at home. This is also a great opportunity to support local stores and/or women owned, queer owned or minority owned businesses.

(Image: Judson Rappaport)

M A K E Y O U R S E L F A D R I N K!

Luckily for us, liquor stores have been deemed essential businesses. Pick up some of your favorite liquors, wines and drink mixers and start experimenting. Feel free to get creative and try out different recipes that you may want to have served at your wedding. You can even come up with your own signature cocktails! (Image: Tanya Isaeva)

C R E A T E Y O U R W E D D I N G P L A Y L I S T.

Work with your partner to create a playlist of music for your wedding. Whether you are planning to have a DJ or a live band, you will most likely be asked to provide a list of must-have songs for your celebration. Often times, you will also be asked to indicate if there are any songs you DON’T want them to play. This is also an opportune time to select the music (and practice) for your first dance and/or parent dances. Who doesn’t love an at-home dance party? (Image: Chellise Michael Photography)

C E L E B R A T E Y O U R O R I G I N A L D A T E.

If you are one of the many couples that have had to postpone your celebration, there are still several fun ways you can celebrate your original date. You deserve it! Get dressed up for a date night at home and order delivery from one of your favorite restaurants. Or if you are ready for some time out of the house, hit up one of the many restaurants currently offering outdoor dining (this is also an excellent opportunity to support a business in your area that may be suffering as a result of the pandemic). Take the time to toast your partnership with a glass of champagne or organize a zoom happy hour with your close friends or wedding party. If your budget allows, you can also book your photographer for a socially distant photoshoot to commemorate the date. This is also a great way to not only get to know your photographer but to feel more comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. (Image: Wandermoore Photography)

W R I T E Y O U R V O W S.

We’ve heard countless stories of wedding vows being written the night before (or even the day of) the wedding. But not everyone works well under pressure! If you and your partner are planning to create your own, take this time to put some thought into your vows and write something meaningful. This will not only save you some stress leading up to the big day but also give you an opportunity to put together something worthy of this once in a lifetime celebration. (Image: Tanya Isaeva)

G I V E Y O U R S E L F A B R E A K.

Keep in mind there is no “right way” to react to these unprecedented times. If you find that you are getting overwhelmed, give yourself a break. One helpful way of keeping yourself on track is to assign specific days or times when you touch base with vendors and work on checking off wedding planning tasks. Ultimately you have to do what is right for you, your partner and your partnership. (Image: Shawnee Custalow)

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